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A trilogy ring is a lovely, one-of-a-kind option because it allows you to create your own design.

Trilogy settings can be made with any Diamond Shape, but Round Brilliants, Radiant Cuts, Cushions, Princess Cuts, and Emerald Cuts work best. When designing a trilogy ring, it is critical that the stones complement rather than clash. The designs shown below can serve as inspiration for creating your own trilogy ring.


What is a Trilogy Engagement Ring setting?

Trilogy engagement rings, as the name implies, feature three diamonds or gemstones set closely together. According to legend, the three stones represent the "past, present, and future."

While many Trilogy engagement rings contain three diamonds, others contain coloured gemstones such as sapphires or rubies. Many couples select gemstones with special meaning for the bride or groom, such as birthstones or gemstones of a specific colour.

Trilogy engagement rings are less common than solitaire rings. However, they are becoming more popular, particularly among couples looking for an engagement ring that allows them to make a personal statement.

The stones can be the same size or the largest stone can be in the centre. Trilogy settings can be created in any precious metal, including white gold, yellow gold, platinum, and rose gold. A trilogy design can also be combined with another type of setting, such as a pavé band or a channel setting. Trilogy rings are a popular choice for engagements due to the numerous options available.

Why Choose a Trilogy Engagement Ring?

The trilogy setting is both unique and versatile. The three stones, which are set close together, are said to represent the couple's past, present, and future. You're making a ring that's not only beautiful, but also meaningful.

Many people prefer trilogy settings because they can be customised. You can select similar-sized diamonds, diamonds of various shapes and sizes, or colourful side stones such as emeralds, rubies, and other birthstones.

Pros and Cons of a Trilogy Setting

A trilogy setting is a lovely option. Every ring style, of course, has advantages and disadvantages. Examine the advantages and disadvantages listed below to see if a trilogy engagement ring is right for the one you love.


  • It has a lot of sparkle and brilliance.
  • Allows for the use of multiple larger stones (including ones of different colors)
  • When properly paired with side stones, it improves the appearance of the centre stone.
  • Can achieve a larger gemstone or diamond surface area than a single setting


  • Provides options for personalising the ring
  • Cleaning and maintenance are more difficult than with a single stone design.
  • When stones are mismatched, the side stones can overpower or distract from the centre stone's beauty.
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