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Asscher Cut Lab Diamond

The angled corners and parallel facets that create a visible step-like appearance within the lab diamond.

This lab diamond is also known as a square emerald by lab diamond grading laboratories. The overall faceting and shape of the step cut are similar to the emerald cut, but it has noticeably cut corners that resemble an octagon. The additional step facets produce more sparkle and fire than the emerald cut.

Asscher Cut Lab Diamond

What is an Asscher Cut Lab Diamond?

An Asscher Cut lab diamond is an octogonal lab diamond with layered facets and a square shape. The Asscher Cut has a deep pavilion and a high crown, providing brilliance as well as its signature appeal. Asscher Cuts are classified into two types. There are two types of Asscher cuts: standard and royal; The Royal Asscher company designed both.

The Asscher lab diamond's straight-edged facets give it a distinct, clean appearance. Both shapes, sometimes referred to as "square emeralds," have a distinct point of difference from brilliant cuts, with features reminiscent of the Art Deco era.

Asscher lab diamonds have 58 facets, the same as round brilliant lab diamonds. The arrangement of these facets, on the other hand, gives it a uniquely vintage appearance and a "hall of mirrors" appearance.

Another distinguishing feature of Asscher lab diamonds is their shape. The shape is square in length and width, but with angled corners that give it an octagon shape. The end result is something in between a round cut and a perfect square, such as a Princess Cut.

Why Choose an Asscher Cut Lab Diamond?

The Asscher Cut's clean, elegant appearance appeals to many people. The lab diamond's long, rectangular facets allow a lot of light to enter and produce large flashes.

Because of its vintage appeal, most people prefer an Asscher Cut lab diamond. This lab diamond style was most popular during the 1920s Art Deco era, and today's Asschers have an allure that harkens back to that time.

If you're looking for a Step Cut lab diamond, the Asscher is a great option. Emerald and Baguette lab diamonds are other options in the Step Cut category.

What to look out for when buying an Asscher Cut Lab Diamond?

Asscher cut requires a little more caution than a Round Brilliant or even a Princess Cut when it comes to colour. Because round brilliants and princess cuts are brilliant cuts, they both do a good job of masking the colour of the lab diamond's rough material. Asscher cuts, on the other hand, are devoid of brilliance. They are cut for clarity and lustre, so nothing is concealed. As a result, when purchasing an Asscher cut, it is recommend purchasing at least a H colour and above.

On fancy shapes, GIA only grades Polish and Symmetry. Unlike Rounds, there is no industry-wide agreement on what parameters constitute the ideal Cut for Asscher lab diamonds.

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