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Fancy Cut Lab Diamond

Here we include all the less common cuts, such as heart, trillion, baguette... etc.

There are many different types of lab diamond cuts which are not so commonly seem. Some of the less common fancy lab diamond cuts ares Heart, Hexagon, Trillion, Baguette. It is rare for engagement rings to embrace these less common cuts.

Fancy Cut Lab Diamond

Is Heart Shape Lab Diamond popular?

Fancy heart shape is considered the most romantic of all shapes. This fancy lab diamond is actually a pear shape with a cleft at the top. Heart shapes are brilliant cut lab diamonds with a beautiful shine. These lab diamonds are naturally heavy set and must be cut with extreme precision to ensure maximum brilliance. Heart-shaped lab diamonds, more than any other cut, should always be seen in person to ensure that the proportions and overall shape are well designed.

A heart-shaped lab diamond is a unique, special alternative to the more common lab diamond cuts. It is a timeless symbol of love. Round brilliants account for more than two-thirds of all lab diamonds sold on the market. In contrast, heart-shaped lab diamonds account for only a small percentage of all lab diamonds sold each year, making a heart-shaped lab diamond a unique, rare, and special choice.

Heart-shaped lab diamonds can be found in a wide range of jewellery, from pendants to bracelets and more. This type of lab diamond, however, is most commonly used as the centre stone in a lab diamond engagement ring.

Heart-shaped lab diamonds have been around since the 16th century, with the first truly well-known heart-shaped lab diamond ring given as a friendship gift from Mary Queen of Scots to Queen Elizabeth in 1562.

Heart-shaped lab diamond engagement rings have recently been seen on celebrities such as Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga, who wore a massive heart-shaped lab diamond pavé ring engaged to Taylor Kinney.

What is a Trillion Cut Lab Diamond?

A trillion cut lab diamond, also known as a trilliant cut, is a lab diamond with a triangular shape. A typical trillion cut lab diamond will have three equal-length sides and a flat table on its surface.

The trillion cut lab diamond shape is a relatively new lab diamond shape, dating back to the 1960s. It's frequently regarded as a daring and provocative shape, with an eye-catching, contemporary appearance that stands out from the crowd.

The trillion cut, unlike most lab diamond shapes, is more commonly used for side-stone lab diamonds than for centre stones. However, engagement rings with a trillion cut lab diamond as the centre stone are also available.

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