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Pear Cut Diamond

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Pear cut diamonds, also known as teardrops, have a shape that is a cross between an oval and a marquise. Pear diamonds are brilliant cut, with a bright sparkle similar to oval and marquise diamonds. We must emphasise that the actual shape or outline of each pear diamond is extremely unique. Even if two pear shapes weigh the same, they are never cut exactly the same, which is why a real-life visual (such as the videos we provide) is required to see the nuances.

Pear Cut Diamond

What is a Pear Shaped Diamond?

A pear shaped diamond, also known as a pear cut diamond or a tear-drop diamond, is a brilliant-cut diamond shaped like a pear or tear drop (hence the name).

Pear cut or pear shaped diamonds are elongated in shape, similar to marquise or oval cuts. One end of a pear cut diamond is rounded (similar to an oval cut), while the other ends in a point (like a marquise diamond).

This gives pear shaped diamonds their distinct appearance, making them ideal for one-of-a-kind engagement rings or other pieces of jewellery. Pear-shaped diamond engagement rings are ideal for making the wearer's finger appear longer and slimmer.

The exact shape of a pear shaped diamond can vary. Some pear shapes are longer and more slender, while others are shorter and stubbier. A pear shaped diamond's length to width ratio is usually between 1.5 and 2.0. Each person has a different preference for the L/W ratio in a pear shape diamond, but the optimal ratio is usually between 1.55 and 1.75.

Can Pear Cut Diamond have Bowtie Effect?

The most common question about pear shapes is whether or not a stone has a "bow tie." and yes, just like Oval Cut Diamonds, Pear Cut Diamonds can have bowtie effect due to their fancy, elongated shape. The bowtie is the dark space that runs across the centre of a diamond. The severity of a bowtie varies between diamonds: sometimes it is easily visible, and other times it is barely visible.

A Pear Cut Diamond with a prominent bowtie will detract from the stone's beauty. You should avoid selecting an Oval Diamond with a dominant bowtie. This is yet another reason why buying a pear shape blindly would be a huge mistake. Simply looking at the certificate will not tell you whether or not your pear shape will have an ugly bow-tie.

What are the pros and cons of Pear Cut Diamond?

Pear shape or teardrop cut diamonds have both advantages and disadvantages. Take them into consideration when selecting a ring, and you may be able to make a decision that you and your future spouse are happy with.

For the pros, Pear Cut Diamonds appear larger than round diamonds of the same carat weight, it is low cost unique design option and it is excellent for some hand types.

Why should you go with a pear-shaped diamond? One important reason is that they appear larger and more impressive than more traditional cuts (such as a round diamond). When compared to a different cut with the same carat weight, the shape of a pear cut diamond means a larger surface area of the diamond is visible.

This allows you to save more money when purchasing your ring because you can choose a lower carat weight while maintaining a similar or greater visual effect.

A pear shape diamond's style can also be a deciding factor. It makes for stunning, one-of-a-kind engagement rings, whether you prefer a classic or trendy look. The elongated diamond also flatters certain hand shapes better than other cuts.

Pear shape diamonds have a couple of drawbacks. The first is that a pointed tip is more easily damaged than, say, a round cut. This makes the diamond prone to chipping, though it should be set as carefully as possible to avoid this.

It should also be noted that, finding a high-quality pear shaped cut diamond is also more difficult. You'll have to do a lot of searching to find one with a good cut and ratio, so you might want to go with something simpler, like a round or cushion cut.

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