An objective blog about princess cut diamond engagement rings

Princess cut diamonds are the second most popular diamond choice for engagement rings, according to some earth shatteringly important statistical data. Princess cut diamonds are set in approximately 30% of all engagement rings. Rounds are the most popular (50%) and cushion is the third most popular (8%). So Princess easily takes the silver medal. This was supposed to be covered by Jon Stewart, but he ran out of time.

Princess cuts are simply square diamonds with sharp corners for the uninitiated. When you flip them over, they resemble pyramids. Princess cuts, when done correctly, can be fit for a Queen. Here's what you should know about her so she treats you properly.

The good

Princess cut, does not waste the rough stone! Princess cuts are an excellent way to make use of rough diamond. When you cut this shape, you don't lose as much diamond. So that's a plus. They are also less expensive than round diamonds of the same carat weight (although they will look a bit smaller than a round diamond of the same carat weight). AND there are a lot of them out there, so you'll have plenty to sort through. Finding a great princess cut diamond option within a specific budget range with fairly strict colour and clarity allowances is a relatively simple task.

The bad

The nouveau riche syndrome can affect princess cuts. We did it, we said it. Humankind simply hasn't had enough time to create princess cut rings that are truly timeless, having developed in the 1960s and 1970s and then becoming popular in the 1980s and 1990s. A princess cut will not be found in an antique ring.

A large princess cut diamond in a high profile setting with v-tip prongs is essentially a small weapon. Those sharp corners will catch on your cashmere sweater, your hair, and your boyfriend's fly (I mean your jean pocket). You risk damaging your setting if you get it caught well enough. Princess cuts are also one of the more fragile diamond shapes due to their sharp points. Yes, regular wear can crack or chip a diamond, and princess cuts are among the most prone to this type of damage (hint: a good alternative is a square radiant cut).

The ugly!

Let's be honest. Princess cut diamonds are, in fact, diamonds. They are not unattractive! However, the shape tends to dominate the design in a way that presents designers with challenges. jewellers do not always adore princess cut diamonds in their traditional form. However, avant-garde designers and artists will use smaller princess cut diamonds as accents, sometimes orienting them in the 45 degree configuration. Every now and then, a clever punk rocker will place a princess on her belly, pyramid style.

The key point

If you're looking for a princess cut diamond engagement ring, consider the following:

  • It's fun to choose a popular shape like a princess, but here's the truth: Before cruising the Instagram highway of princess cut diamond engagement rings, Amelie suggests that you define your visual preferences.
  • Take care when styling. Work with a skilled jeweller to create a ring for your specific princess cut diamond. This will ensure a wise design in terms of both durability and fashion.
  • Let's talk when in doubt.

If you are a jewellery designer, true, there is no accounting for taste, but you get to choose which options the shoppers get to choose from. Our experience with people who walk through our door is that they frequently guess what will be a "good" ring. They don't always know enough about engagement ring design to spot durability or style flaws. We can advise those who come to us; for the rest, expect them to require assistance. Let them have only good options to choose from. That means no v-tip prongs, stones set low and low, and rings that look like postage stamps. It is acceptable to advise your clients on the best design options. It is acceptable to have an opinion. You're the designer!