0.3ct Diamond Rings at cost price - Promotion Ended!

This limited time offer is perfect for couples that are on a tight budget or is simply looking to add another diamond ring to their collection. Many jewellery stores will refuse to make 0.3ct diamond rings due to the low percentage of margin they can add on, or if a fixed margin is used, the ring's price will be far higher than its fair value.

With our offer, we will contact diamond and ring suppliers directly on your behalf in order to obtain the ring at cost price. For us, it helps us strengthen our connection with our suppliers, for you, its a great bargain!!

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2nd Opinion Lite - FREE - Promotion Ended!

You believe you've found the perfect ring and diamond, but you'd like a second opinion. We will go over the diamond or gemstone reports with you and double-check your design and metal selections. Consult with an unbiased expert to remove the stress from your purchase. This option is for you if you have already put down the deposit for an engagement ring or even have received the ring. Go with our second opinion if you have doubt about your purchase, worry that you have been over charged or made a fraudulent purchase.

In our normal 2nd opinion, we would arrange a face to face meeting to inspect your diamond if you have it with you. In this free Lite version of the service, we will instead offer a virtual consultation and check your GIA certificates for you.

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