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Hidden Halo

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Diamonds encircle the base of the centre stone in a hidden halo engagement ring. The hidden halo will not be visible when viewing your engagement ring from above, but it can be seen from the side. Hidden halo effects can be used on any diamond shape.

Hidden Halo

What is a Hidden Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

The hidden halo setting is defined by collection of pave or micro-pave diamonds encircles one centre stone in a hidden halo setting. The pave stones around the central gem draw attention to it. Hidden halos can provide you with a stunning engagement ring regardless of your budget. If you want a double brilliant engagement ring, a hidden halo is a good option.

Should I get a traditional halo engagement ring or a hidden halo engagement ring?

It's all about personal preference. If you want something a little different, consider a hidden halo engagement ring, which is less common than traditional halo engagement rings. Some people prefer the traditional halo engagement ring because it gives the appearance of a larger diamond, which can be beneficial for those on a tight budget.

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