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A stunning choices for diamond engagement rings that offer plenty of style and sparkle.

The halo is a popular diamond engagement ring setting that offers a classic look that can accommodate any Diamond Shape; although Round, Oval and Cushion Cuts tend to be the favorites.


What is a Halo Engagement Ring Setting?

A halo ring is a setting with a centre stone surrounded by a complete loop of smaller stones, typically diamonds. A halo ring's concentric circle or square diamonds often make the centre stone appear larger and more brilliant.

Halos are commonly paired with pavé bands, but they can also be worn alone with a simple, unadorned band. The halo design is available in two additional variations: double halo and hidden halo.

As the name implies, a double halo setting is made up of two concentric circles of gemstones that surround the centre stone.

Hidden halo rings have a complete loop of gemstones or diamonds that sits beneath the centre diamond. Hidden halos add character and brilliance to the ring. Hidden halos can sometimes make the centre stone appear larger depending on the ring design.

Does a Halo Make a Diamond Look Bigger?

Because of the increased brilliance and total surface area of gemstones or diamonds, a halo ring can make a diamond appear larger. The diamond in the centre is enhanced by the surrounding stones.

The amount of size added to a ring by a halo is determined by the carat weight and table surface area of the gemstones in the halo.

A hidden halo does not usually make the diamond appear larger. When viewed from a side angle, however, it adds character and brilliance to the ring.

Pros and Cons of a Halo Setting

Every environment has advantages and disadvantages. Halo rings come in a variety of shapes and designs. The list below can help you decide if this is the right style for you.


  • Increases the size and appearance of the centre diamond.
  • Smaller stones add to the overall radiance of the ring.
  • secures and safeguards the centre stone
  • Options for personalising the setting with coloured gemstones are available to complement a variety of diamond shapes.


  • Smaller stones may loosen over time.
  • Because of the small stones in the band, resizing a pavé halo ring can be difficult.
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