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Make every facet of your engagement ring be optimized for sparkle.

Consider pairing your diamond with a side stone setting if you believe that every facet of your engagement ring should be optimised for sparkle. The side stone setting enhances the radiance of your centre diamond by adding fire and brilliance. The two pack a powerful punch of romance and statement.

Side Stone

What is a Side Stone Engagement Ring Setting?

The side stone setting are often called a pavé setting, it is an engagement ring setting in which the ring's shank is lined with small diamonds. These pavé set diamonds are held in place by metal prongs or beads, creating the illusion of a continuous line of small diamonds.

Pavé, pronounced "pa-vay," comes from the French word "to pave," as in "paved with diamonds." Small diamonds line the band in a pavé setting. The metal prongs or beads used to secure the diamonds are barely visible.

The side stone setting adds sparkle to an engagement ring while emphasising the centre diamond's beauty. Side stone settings are available in a variety of styles, ranging from modern to vintage designs that incorporate pavé-set diamonds.

When diamonds are as small as.01-.02 carats, they are referred to as "pavé set diamonds." Diamonds that are smaller than that are referred to as "micro-pavé set diamonds", which are usually set in thin bands.

A jeweller typically drills holes into the band and carefully inserts the small diamonds. To keep the diamonds in place, tiny beads or mini-prongs are formed around them. The effect of a pavé ring is one of continuous sparkle.

Why Choose a Side Stone Engagement Ring?

For someone with an elegant, timeless style, a side stone setting is a stunning choice. The additional diamonds' intricate detail adds depth and grandeur to the ring.

Choosing a side stone setting gives you more personality without detracting from the centre diamond. What's the best thing about a side stone ring? It goes well with other settings, such as solitaires, halos, and three-stone rings. You can almost always incorporate pavé detailing into any style.

Pros and Cons of a Side Stone Setting

Consider not only the wearer's style but also the level of maintenance required when selecting a setting design. Before making a final decision, weigh the benefits and drawbacks of a pavé setting.


  • focuses attention on the centre stone
  • Increases the ring's overall radiance and beauty.
  • Adds sparkle to a lower-set or less-sparkly centre stone.
  • Modern and vintage designs are available.


  • If the ring is pavé set around the entire band, sizing and resizing can be difficult.
  • Although it is highly unlikely, there is a small chance of losing side stones.
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